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What to use as bait for your ranch fly trap

Our ranch fly traps are proven to be the perfect fly catchers. We first used the traps on our own ranch and the results speak for themselves. Ever since we started selling the fly traps online, one of the most common questions of customers is what works best as bait.

What to use as bait for your ranch fly trap

There are a couple possibilities when it comes to picking your bait, each with advantaged and disadvantages. To present you an accessible summary, you can read about the baits for the ranch fly trap we recommend and which ones we don't in this blogpost, ranging from household products, DIY baits and chemical composed bait powders.


Some of the most common household products are good bait to attract flies and other insects like yellowjackets and wasps. Some of the best working household products are fresh orange peels, soda and overripe fruit. Other things you might find around the house and will work ell are pet feces and trash. But we bet you don't want to have that around too much :) The downside of using these household products can be the smell and the fact these won't kill the flies, yellowjackets, gnats and any other insects that you might catch. Emptying the the fly traps and getting rid of contents can be a hassle. Cleaning up traps with household baits can also prove a daunting task.

What to use as bait for your ranch fly trap



The advantage of using bait powders is that these will not only lure flies and other vermin into your fly traps, they will also effectively kill these insects so you don't risk that they escape again and have an easier task cleaning the fly traps when they are satiated. However, there is a risk in using these powders. The chemicals in most bait powders are at least somewhat poisonous for farm animals, pets and children alike. There's no reason to be of serious effects, but it can cause nauseau, stomach aches and fevers when ingested.


That's why we decided to bring our own bait powder formula on the market. A bait powder that is both effective and safe to use. You can safely use our bait in an environment with farm animals, pets and children. Just add the powder to the bowl of the fly trap and mix with a small amount of (warm) water for the best effects. The flies will scramble for a taste!

Any questions? As always, feel free to leave a comment or email us!