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Why we decided to sell reusable fly traps

When writing this, we recently got out 1000th customer. To celebrate 1000 people who now have a fly free ranch, farm or garden, we want to take a look back at why we started this venture in the first place. Also, this looked like a good reason to start our very own blog, where we want to keep our visitors and customers up to date of our webshop and evolutions in our fly trap products.

In 2016, we had a very warm and humid spring and summer here in Belgium. As a result, there was an abundance of flies at our riding school. For some reason the flies mainly were keen on Barney, one of our most favorite horses. We tried helping him by using classic fly traps, electrical devices and more. But nothing really seemed to really take care of the fly problem.

Until we decided to give the fly traps with bait a chance. Finally, we found a solution that really worked all around the riding school. Seeing Barney fly-free was such a relieve for everyone involved at the riding school.

When we introduced friends and other riding schools and farms to this fly trap solution, it turned out that nobody knew about it and only used the alternatives which either don't work very well or are way more expensive. This fly trap however is cheap, reliable and reusable. It was then we got the idea to sell the fly traps ourselves and spread the word so less horses, animals and people alike are bothered by flies, yellow jackets and other flying bugs.

Everything went perfect at this point, except we got lot's of questions by customers who asked what they should use as bait. Many used chemical based bait powder's but we aren't a fan of that. Natural baits like leftover meat work great as well but it's no surprise they will leave an unpleasant smell.

That's why we worked together with a neighbouring farm that farms 100% organic crops. They have great experience in toxic-free insecticides and decided to help us to create a toxic-free bait powder to improve our fly trap even further.

Once we found the perfect partner to produce the bait powder, we are convinced we have the best fly trap and bait solution available on the market! More than 1000 happy customers are using our products worldwide.

Stay tuned for more tips and news on our blog. We will also post coupon codes and such in the future :)