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Our ranch fly traps are pretty simple to put together and use effectively. With only a few simple instruction you will have the ranch fly traps up and running. You can find an overview of all our tips on this page. We will expand or improve whenever we can.

You can put together our traps on your self, but it is always easy to have a person helping you. The ranch fly trap consists of two parts: the net with the hanger and the cone to put your bait powder or other product in to lure the flies. First of all, you should take the hanger and just lift up the net. this way the net will be easy to untangle.

Next, you can put the bottom tray in the bottom ring and push lightly so it will click into place. When you want to add bait or dispose of the flies later, just turn the cone part inside out and dump contents into a bag or however you want to dispose of the bugs.

So far so good! All we have to do now is to hook the two interior hooks together so the funnel for the flies is closed off and ready to use (see image above). The inner hook will easily hook into the the one at the "roof" of the ranch fly trap.

Ideally you should hang the fly trap at a gathering place for bugs like flies, yellowjackets etc. But do not hang traps too high, hang them approx a meter / three feet from the ground for the best results. See image below:

Once you have assembled one ranch fly trap, it'll become a breeze fast to install them and dispose of the content later. 



Take bottom tray off, turn the cone part inside out and dump contents into a bag or however you want to dispose the bugs. You can also use a vacuum. The flies make great snacks for your chickens or farm birds.



Add the powder to the bowl and pour some hot water over it (not too much!. The flies will scramble for a taste! The powder base is crushed fish bones and is safe to use around pets, farm animals and children alike.